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Redirect all windows traffic through ssh tunnel – socks proxy – http proxy

So you have build an ssh tunnel http://www.r00t.gr/how-to-easily-create-a-ssh-tunnel-using-windows-in-startup-boot/ and you want to redict all you traffic through it. You can configure all browsers and email clients and utorent to use the proxy, or you can download proxifier http://www.proxifier.com/download.htm and set it up to use one proxy. It’s really cheap, 40$ for a lifetime licence. Cool tools […]

How to easily create a ssh tunnel using windows in startup (boot)

I like encryption much. You might not know this, but you ISP’s log everything you do on the web by law in most countries. I don’t like someone else having access to my emails and the list of websites that I use. I know for a long time about ssh magic and all the spells […]