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& amp;amp; bug in Select SyntaxHighlighter Plus wordpress plugin& amp;amp; bug in Select SyntaxHighlighter Plus wordpress plugin

I noticed a bug, in my posts, Whenever there was a “&” became & with the next edit, then & etc. I realized that that error was a plugin error, SyntaxHighlighter Plus plugin. I really recomment it, it’s the cool plugin that allows me to write code in my post, and do stuff like this: […]

OpenVZ VPS and Java Memory Error and how to fix it.

There is a “bug” or more correctly an error when someone is trying to run a simple Java Program inside a OpenVZ (HyperVM, Virtuozzo) VPS. If you are in a harry and just want the answer, scroll down to the post and see it. It the story goes like this:   The problem: At first […]

Download and install Sun Java to CentOS system

I use java a lot, and i love the fact that the same program that you write and compile to windows, runs in Linux and virtually any other OS. But i have notice that by simply running   yum install java yum install java You get some other java impementation and not the Sun Java […]