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nginx, apache reverse proxy, and $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]

Ok here is the senario: I have a website built on a server with nginx as the main web server I use apache as a reverse proxy The problem: I tried to use the $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] command (this gives you the hostname of the url the user requested). For example if the user requested http://subdomain.domain.net/ $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] […]

Installing nginx 1.0.0, php, mysql, ftp, disk + memory (ram) caching On Centos 5.5

This is how you install a complete website with nginx php mysql ftp for CentOS. If you have basic linux knowledge you have what it takes to configure a system. Don’t spend you money in expensive Control Panels (Cpanel DirectAdmin) (like i did!). These packages make everything look harder because you didn’t install the packages […]