I have a new laptop, Acer Cateway NV55S. Great laptop, but I had one problem. I couldn’t use the F keys without pressing the FN button. This was very irritating because I use F-Keys a lot.

First round of googling revealed nothing, then I contacted gateway support, (that was no help either).

Then I found this link: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=dk&lc=da&dlc=da&docname=c02035108

The process to do this is a little different in Acer gateway, but the option is there. You have to change some values in the computer BIOS (Reboot, F2 to get int BIOS, Action keys mode).

Some other knowledge I gathered googling:

Disable FN LOCK for all laptops:

Dell = Fn + F4
Compaq = Fn + ScrLk
Lenovo = FN + Num Lock
IBM Thinkpad – Shift + Scroll Lock Num

Fn + F11
Ctrl + F11
Fn + Num Lock
Fn + Shift + Num Lock