I like encryption much. You might not know this, but you ISP’s log everything you do on the web by law in most countries.

I don’t like someone else having access to my emails and the list of websites that I use.

I know for a long time about ssh magic and all the spells you can do with it. One of them is, you create a tunnel, with a remote server, and you set up a “tunnel”, then you configure all traffic go from that tunnel.

This great free program, myentunnel you can download it here: http://nemesis2.qx.net/pages/MyEnTunnel creates the connection for you, and i you want automatically on boot.

Of cource you need ssh access to ANY remote server. Anything will do. VPS dedicated server or some other persons house.

Take a look at the settings:

ssh settings

Then you can go to firefox and setup a proxy that uses localhost port: 1234

Then everything is redirected through your ssh connection, and the best part is that all traffic is encrypted.