I use Notepad++ daily for PHP Development. I love it, it’s simple and powerful at the same time.

One good feature is the plugins that are available. One of them is Functions List.

If you try to install that plugin on a Windows 7 Machine, it will not work ok. You have to do some extra steps (found here).

1. Download Function List Plugin
2. Copy the files: C++.flb, FunctionListRules.xml, Gmod Lua.bmp to: [DRIVE LETTER]:\Users\[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Notepad++\plugins\config
3. Copy the file FunctionList.dll to your instaltion folder for example: [DRIVE LETTER]:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins

Another good tutorial to enhance the capabilities of this plugin for php is found here: http://www.danielkassner.com/2010/01/22/using-notepads-function-list-plugin-for-php-development