I started learning Python today. I have several java programs that collect/copy content from many webpages in the internet, they work great, but they use a lot of memory, and I need that memory.

Also it’s always fun to learn something new and I always hear the best things about Python, which is easy and fun. And so far I agree with that!

So the first thing I looked up was:

How to read the contents of a page using Python:

import urllib
print urllib.urlopen('http://www.r00t.gr/').read()

Same works with ftp:

import urllib
print urllib.urlopen('ftp://ftp.python.org/pub/python/README').read()

That’s it. When I saw that i though “holly shit that was it ?”

In java I had to get a Scanner, create an output stream, loop, use a stringbuffer […]

So far I LOVE this language. Let’s hope I finally replace Java.