You can never be sure about backups. If you are have a dedicated server you should know, local backup is never enough. Hard disks fail. Every hard disk will fail eventually.

So having a remote backup solution is a must.

There are many solutions for that problem. The first think I tried was configure da backup and use rsync or rcp to copy it somewhere on another server.

But since I learned about rsync, I don’t really like zipped backups. Rsync copies only what is changed, and that makes the process a lot faster.

So the best (and only ?) way to use the power of rsync to backup your direct admin is to try this tool: dabackup. You can buy a lifetime license for 100usd or 5months per month. It is really very cheap, and if offers a lot. You will never have to think backup again. Everything is taken care for you.


Thanks for reading, tell me what you think, or comment if you know any other solutions.