Hello and welcome,

I am thinking of creating some website for users to comment on movies. But since there are a lot of movies, there are 2 ways to get all the movie data:

  • Allow the users to insert their favorite movie and all their data,
  • Find some API and collect the information automatically.

I don’t like very much the first option. Users are generally ignorant and lazy and someone has to work full time to review everything. Since I only love creating sites and I hate sustaining them, I try to create my websites in such a way so that they work on their own.

So I have researched for APIS to give me movie information.

So far I found:


This one looks good, It has search functions and gets data from IMDB.com and rotten tomatoes. It is based on the imdb.com movie id.


Rotten Tomatoes API. Looks good


This one is based on series. Haven’t tried it but I mention it someone might like to do something involving tv shows.


Another movie and actors info API. One thing worth mentioning is that in their responses they include

"alternate_ids": {"imdb": "1403865"},

That is the IMDB id. That is useful when you already have some database with imdb ids (like me) or you want to mix info with other APIS that use the IMDB ids.


This one is about series, and it also has the TV schedules for GB CA or AU.

As you understand I haven’t reviewed them I just had a quick look. So if you tried any of those please write me a comment informing me what you liked and what not.

Thanks for visiting.