Ok I had this annoying error. I rent servers to clients, and I user VPSs on another server to backup them.

This one client (latest client) had a problem. When I used rsync to move files to the Backup VPS I got a lot of these errors:

rsync: write failed on "/vz/private/106/mnt/sdb1/var/lib/mysql/ibdata1": Disk quota exceeded (122)

I suspect this has to do with openvz-web-panel 2.0 I user.

The fix to that was very easy. I compared the config files for all the Backup vps I had used.

There was one difference. VPS that were working right had this line in their config files:


So I added that, rebooted the VPS and everything was ok after that.

Those files are usually in /etc/vz/conf/ folder on the Host server.

So to edit them:

vi /etc/vz/conf/106.conf

Hope that helped. Until next time